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Untitled photogram

About, Part 10: Her Work

Composition (photogram), approx. 1952 Jeanne Mandello, a Jewish woman forced to flee Nazi Germany and occupied France, like so many others of her generation, did not achieve, due to historical …

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Joan Miró, Barcelona

About, Part 9: Later Life

Joan Miró, Barcelona, 1963 In 1953, Jeanne left Uruguay for Brazil to join her second husband, journalist Lothar Bauer, who was an old acquaintance from Frankfurt. At the end of …

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Susana Soca by André Ostier, Paris 1947. Collection J.Alvarez Márquez

About, Part 8: Uruguay, Land of Cultural Exchange

Uruguayan poet, editor and arts patron Susana Soca in front of her portrait by Picasso, photo André Ostier, Paris, 1947, Coll. J. Alvarez Márquez In the 1940s, Uruguay was sufficiently …

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Light (Black photogram)

About, Part 7: A New Artistic Identity

Light (black photogram), 1948/49 (Jeanne and Arno Mandello) Jeanne’s personal artistic identity changed on arriving in Uruguay and became “arte foto-gráfica”[1]. She now expressed herself by creating compositions which seem …

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Jeanne Mandello

About, Part 6: A New Beginning

In Montevideo, Jeanne started her career for the third time – and succeeded once again. She was extremely resilient, as one of her main personal skills was her capacity to …

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Customs Building, Montevideo

About, Part 5: Uruguay, Haven of Refuge

Customs Building Montevideo, approx. 1950 They could hardly have come to a better place: Uruguay has a long history of European immigration and was, at this time already, a relatively …

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Jeanne and Arno Mandello, Montevideo

About, Part 4: New Threats and Second Exile

Jeanne and Arno Mandello With the outbreak of the Second World War and the imminent invasion of France by the Germans, Jeanne and Arno had to flee Paris. First threatened …

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Untitled (Eiffel Tower, Paris), 1934

About, Part 3: The 1930s – First Exile in France

Publicity for fashion and perfume label Maggy Rouff, Paris, approx. 1935-38 The economic and political turmoil in Germany in the 1930s prompted Mandello to uproot herself and begin a new …

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6 (2)-002

About, Part 2: Early Life

Johanna Mandello (she later changed her name from the German-sounding Johanna to the French Jeanne) was born in 1907 in Frankfurt, Germany, into a relatively progressive, secular and art-loving Jewish …

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Eucalyptus, Punta del Este

About, Part 1: Introduction

  Jeanne Mandello, an avant-garde German-Jewish woman photographer re-invented in exile Chances are you have never heard of Jeanne Mandello…proof that sometimes even the biggest talents are not recognized because …

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