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Eucalyptus, Punta del Este

About, Part 1: Introduction

  Jeanne Mandello, an avant-garde German-Jewish woman photographer re-invented in exile Chances are you have never heard of Jeanne Mandello…proof that sometimes even the biggest talents are not recognized because …

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“Mandello. Fotografías 1928-1997”, Casal de Sarrià and FAD (Foment de les Arts Decoratives), Barcelona, 1997


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Joan Miró, Barcelona

Joan Miró, Barcelona, 1963

Jeanne Mandello photographed Spanish/Catalan painter, sculptor and ceramicist Joan Miró in the early 1960s in Barcelona to where she had moved shortly before. It is currently not known who introduced …

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Woman with Child in her Arms, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Woman with Child in her Arms, Cuernavaca, Mexico, approx. 1957

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J. Hellmut Freund, ‘Arte foto-gráfica. Alrededor de la producción de Arno y Jeanne Mandello’, Entregas de la Licorne (Susana Soca), 1953

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“Mandello”, Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro, 1952


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Plaza Cinema, Montevideo, by architect Rafael Lorente Escudero

Cine Plaza, Montevideo, by Uruguayan architect Rafael Lorente Escudero

At the end of the 1940s, Uruguayan architect Rafael Lorente Escudero, a friend of the Mandellos, designed a modernist cinema, apartment and shop complex in the centre of Montevideo, which …

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Plaza Cinema, Montevideo, late 1940s

Plaza Cinema, Montevideo, early 1950s

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Untitled photogram

Untitled photogram

A photogram is an image produced without a camera, whereby three-dimensional objects are placed on photosensitive paper and exposed to light. The result is a highly differentiated shadow picture.  

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Toño Salazar, ‘Los Mandello y la fotografía’, Alfar, Montevideo, 1951

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