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Customs Building, Montevideo

About, Part 5: Uruguay, Haven of Refuge

Customs Building Montevideo, approx. 1950 They could hardly have come to a better place: Uruguay has a long history of European immigration and was, at this time already, a relatively …

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J. Hellmut Freund, ‘Arte foto-gráfica. Alrededor de la producción de Arno y Jeanne Mandello’, Entregas de la Licorne (Susana Soca), 1953

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Mandello Carlos Vaz Ferreira, por el escultor Eduardo Yepes, por Foto Mandello

Photograph of Eduardo Yepes sculpture of philosopher, writer and academic Carlos Vaz Ferreira

Published in “Entregas de la Licorne”, no. 11, 1958, Montevideo

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View of the Port and the Cerro, Montevideo

View of the Port and the Cerro, Montevideo

Collection of 29 postcards photographed by Jeanne (and Arno?) Mandello, published by “Lettres de France Ltda.”, Montevideo, approx. 1950. The original postcards are held in the National Library of Uruguay. …

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Light (Black photogram)

Light (black photogram), 1948/49 (Jeanne and Arno Mandello)

A photogram is an image produced without a camera, whereby three-dimensional objects are placed on photosensitive paper and exposed to light. The result is a highly differentiated shadow picture.  

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Cover of magazine “Turismo en el Uruguay”

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Tailflower (Solarization), Montevideo

Tailflower (Solarization), Montevideo, 1943

A solarisation is an image recorded on a negative or on a photographic print which is wholly or partially reversed in tone so that dark areas then appear as light …

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