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Jeanne Mandello

About, Part 6: A New Beginning

In Montevideo, Jeanne started her career for the third time – and succeeded once again. She was extremely resilient, as one of her main personal skills was her capacity to …

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About, Part 2: Early Life

Johanna Mandello (she later changed her name from the German-sounding Johanna to the French Jeanne) was born in 1907 in Frankfurt, Germany, into a relatively progressive, secular and art-loving Jewish …

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“Exposición del Niño. Fotografías artísticas de la Señora Jeanne Mandello”, Club Banco de la República, Montevideo, 1943

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Publicity for fashion and perfume label Maggy Rouff, Paris

Publicity for fashion and perfume label Maggy Rouff, Paris, approx. 1935-38

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Hilde Köster, Ascona

Hilde Köster, Ascona, approx. 1933

Hilde Köster was a friend of Jeanne’s from Frankfurt. She was a medical doctor.  

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Portrait of artist Leo Maillet

Portrait of Frankfurt-born artist Leo Maillet, approx. 1930

Leo Maillet, (Leopold Mayer by his birth name), a friend of Jeanne Mandello’s, was born in 1902 in Frankfurt into a Jewish family. He studied Fine Art in Frankfurt, and …

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Jeanne Mandello, Germany

Portrait of Jeanne Mandello, Germany, approx. 1930, photographer unknown

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