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Light (Black photogram)

About, Part 7: A New Artistic Identity

Light (black photogram), 1948/49 (Jeanne and Arno Mandello) Jeanne’s personal artistic identity changed on arriving in Uruguay and became “arte foto-gráfica”[1]. She now expressed herself by creating compositions which seem …

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Jeanne Mandello

About, Part 6: A New Beginning

In Montevideo, Jeanne started her career for the third time – and succeeded once again. She was extremely resilient, as one of her main personal skills was her capacity to …

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Don Pedro (Solarization)

Don Pedro / Cat’s Head (Solarization), approx. 1953

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Eggs (Solarization)

Eggs (Solarization), approx. 1953

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Portrait (Solarization)

Portrait (Solarization)

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Still Life (Solarization)

Still Life (Solarization), approx. 1953

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Portrait of Violeta López Lomba (Solarization)

Portrait of Violeta López Lomba (Solarization), Montevideo, approx. 1952 (Jeanne and Arno Mandello)

Violeta López Lomba (1925-1968) was a Uruguayan ballet dancer, and founder and director of the Sodre Theatre’s Dance School in Montevideo.  

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Portrait of Maria Portinari (Solarization)

Portrait of Maria Portinari (Solarization)

Maria Martinelli Portinari was the wife of Brazilian neo-realist painter Candido Portinari. As a communist, he had to flee Brazil in 1948. The couple settled in Uruguay for several years, …

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Daisy Flowers, Montevideo

Daisy Flowers, Montevideo, 1950 (Jeanne and Arno Mandello)

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Jeanne Mandello (Solarization)

Jeanne Mandello (Solarization), 1949

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