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•    1943 Fries, C, ‘Exposición del niño’, Plate, Montevideo, 25 February, n.pag. Mundo Uruguayo, ‘Dos prestigiosos fotógrafos franceses colaboran en “Mundo Uruguayo”’, Montevideo, no. 1257, p. 41 •    1950 Payró, …

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Untitled photogram

About, Part 10: Her Work

Composition (photogram), approx. 1952 Jeanne Mandello, a Jewish woman forced to flee Nazi Germany and occupied France, like so many others of her generation, did not achieve, due to historical …

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Customs Building, Montevideo

About, Part 5: Uruguay, Haven of Refuge

Customs Building Montevideo, approx. 1950 They could hardly have come to a better place: Uruguay has a long history of European immigration and was, at this time already, a relatively …

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Sad Sunday, Barcelona

Sad Sunday, Barcelona, 1989

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Half Moon shaped Ferris Wheel cabin, Barcelona

Half Moon shaped Ferris Wheel cabin, Barcelona, 1967

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Publicity # 3

Publicity # 3

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Joan Miró, Barcelona

Joan Miró, Barcelona, 1963

Jeanne Mandello photographed Spanish/Catalan painter, sculptor and ceramicist Joan Miró in the early 1960s in Barcelona to where she had moved shortly before. It is currently not known who introduced …

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Plaza Cinema, Montevideo, late 1940s

Plaza Cinema, Montevideo, early 1950s

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Central Cinema, Montevideo, late 1940s

Central Cinema, Montevideo, early 1950s

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